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Is Your Company Using Today’s Technology To Drive Productivity Gains In Your Call Center?

Clients’ positive customer service experiences will boost your brand image. Your business needs two things to succeed at customer service: a team of capable employees and the tools that help them succeed. Does your technology support the volume of calls to your business? Are you optimizing your employees’ time for the best productivity?

Zultys has designed our Integrated Contact Center (ICC) solution to optimize operations and efficiently handle customer calls. The ICC solution comes pre-packaged with features to streamline operations and improve management for a customer service department of any size and call volume.

Improve Your Communications Bottlenecks With Zultys Enterprise-Class Call Center

Configure Incoming Calls to Fit Your Work Style

With Zultys’ robust and easy-to-manage solution, managers can confidently handle day-to-day operations of their department without the need to involve the IT department or an external service provider.

Intelligently process incoming calls to the agent phone line based on preset rules and real-time conditions. Incoming calls can ring all employees in the department or one person at a time depending on the work style. An incoming caller can be routed to the best employee to help them based on specific criteria. If a customer calls back within a certain amount of time, his call can be sent to the same agent who helped him before, so he doesn’t have to explain himself again.

Technology Makes Teamwork Easy

Zultys’ Unified Communication clients, ZAC and MXIE, allow employees to manage their corporate communication from an intuitive interface available on PC, Mac and Linux. The Integrated Contact Center (ICC) solution is incorporated into the office phone system. The employees can easily get a hold of their coworkers: send instant messages, frequent corporate group chats, start audio conferences, and quickly judge the availability of coworkers from their Presence state. All these features and more are accessed from a single interface, with no need to juggle multiple technology vendors to collaborate across teams. The visual interface makes handling multiple calls a breeze. Integrated Fax option makes it easy for all the employees in the customer service department to access the incoming fax messages and save paper.

Keep Track of All Your Call Notes

On the phone with a customer, agents can take notes in a special notes popup, called Call Attached Data (CAD). It can take the form of free-style notes or a pre-set questionnaire. If this call is transferred or the customer calls back later, the notes will pop up again. No need for a frustrated customer to repeat their request. CAD can be edited with updates on the case even long after the call is over.

Chat, Call & Voicemails in the Same Queue

Zultys Integrated Contact Center (ICC) solution includes a web chat feature which that allows customers to chat with support on the company website instead of calling them. The system makes sure that if an agent is on a call, he won’t be bothered by any chat messages or vice versa. All the incoming customer questions—regardless of whether they are web chat messages or phone calls—are answered in the order they came in and no one is left waiting too long.

Customers can leave a voicemail that holds their place in line, rather than wait on hold for the next agent to become available. Eliminate frustrating waits for customers as they go on with their day while they wait for a call center agent to speak to them.

Real-Time View of All Activity.

Agents can view a snapshot of real-time call group activity with the web-based wallboard feature. Wallboard can be displayed on a large screen in the middle of a room or viewed from a smart phone or tablet via a web browser. With a web-based application, all agents can see the data regardless of where they are.

Wallboard can show call and agent data for one or more call groups at the same time. Each user can customize the wallboard to show only the data they want to see. Configure the wallboard to show information in a format that’s easiest for agents to act on. Zultys wallboard can accommodate any display preferences: customize what data to see, change the order of data fields, and adjust field and text colors and even size. Then once the user has all the fields showing just as they like, save the configuration as a template. If each shift supervisor wants to set up the wallboard set up their own special way, it takes only a few seconds to load their personalized template.

Supervisors can add colorful alerts to the wallboard. Quickly grab attention when all agents are busy or too many calls are in the queue at the same time. Monitor call center activity to ensure that company SLA is being properly met. Agents and supervisors can spot any potential issues before they can grow into major problems. problems.

Record All Communications Channels

Automatically record all phone calls and archive these recordings for an indefinite amount of time. When taking down sensitive information—like credit card or social security numbers—employees can easily pause the automatic recording to protect their customer’s privacy. Alternatively, record on-demand. For on demand recording, pressing the record button at any time during the call will capture the call from the very beginning—so no need to worry about losing an important part of the conversation because an agent didn’t press the button fast enough. The achieved calls include Call Attached Data notes. All calls, voicemails, faxes and web chat messages are stored together in Zultys’ MXarchive. Call Recording Viewer, conveniently accessible from a web-browser, lets users listen to recordings and save them to any device. This gives the team more flexibility to access valuable information when working remotely or on the road.

Work Anywhere and Everywhere

Agents and supervisors can access advanced features like SuperView, Wallboard and Call Recording Viewer from anywhere via a web browser from any tablet, smart phone, PC or Mac computer. With access to ZAC and MXIE clients, employees can communicate with people both inside and outside the company as easily as if they were sitting at a cubicle in the office as long as they have access to Wi-Fi. Employees on the road can utilize Zultys Mobile Communicator application available on iPhone and Android devices.

Report and Analyze

You can run reports based on Integrated Contact Center’s historical data to analyze the business’ productivity and improve operations with Zultys’ MXreport feature. It comes with preconfigured report templates, but can also be customized to better fit specific business needs. Make educated decisions based on historical data to save on expenses and optimize workflow.

Easy to Scale

Zultys phone systems are a software-based product that scales to 10,000 users, so all the employees at the enterprise can be connected into a single communication system. With no additional hardware required, you can add new agents or supervisors when necessary with minimum amount of hassle.

Platform Integration

The Zultys MX platform is built on Open Standards including SIP, MySQL, VXML, CSTA, TAPI, SYSLOG providing the ability to integrate ICC with Salesforce.com, MS Outlook and other 3rd party applications. Using Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI), MXIE Users can click-to-call directly from popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs, including Microsoft Outlook or, using the ScreenDial™ feature, from any other document. ScreenDial lets users call from any application, allowing them to conveniently dial directly from a CRM, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), a Word or Excel document, or a website.


Key System Features

  • Advanced Call Routing based on real-time activity
  • Call Recording – full-time and on-demand
  • Call Attached Data (CAD) for customizable Agent Scripts, wrap up/exit codes, and more
  • Optional integration with external CRM & Outlook, workforce management applications, and other 3rd party tools
  • Multiple Reporting options
  • Webchat Capabilities
  • Multimedia Queue – calls, webchats and callback requests are queued in the order they are received
  • Customizable music-on-hold & position in queue & expected wait time announcements
  • Last Agent Routing option will send repeat callers to the same agent that handled their previous call
  • Fully integrated fax server
  • Wallboard for real-time ICC group analysis

Key Supervisor / Agent Features

  • Chat, Instant Message & Presence allows agents to collaborate effectively
  • Supervisors can Silent Monitor, Barge in & Whisper-thru to Agents
  • Supervisors monitor all activity in SuperView™: Real-time call monitoring & statistics for multiple ICC Groups in a single window
  • Agents can receive calls on their mobile devices with Zultys Mobile Communicator for iPhone and Android
  • Calls can be assigned to specific Agents
  • Agents can be members of multiple ICC groups
  • Agent login/logout – initiated by Supervisor or automatically by the system
  • Shared ICC Group Voice Mail box with multiple outgoing greeting options, email notifications and escalation facilities.
  • ScreenDial™ lets Agents click-to-call numbers directly from any application

The True All-In-One Contact Center

Whether your organization is in the Public or Private Sector, Zultys’ feature-rich Unified Communications solution will supercharge your Contact Center by increasing efficiency, productivity & customer support.

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