New E-911 Regulations Became a Law on February 16, 2020
Take Care of Your Employees and Visitors in Case of An Emergency.

Make Sure Your Phone System is Configured to Comply

Kari’s Law Act of 2017 (codified at 47 U.S.C § 623) or “Kari’s Law” was introduced to ensure that in case of an emergency, callers have direct-dial access to emergency 911 services from all devices. It also makes it easier for first responders to locate the emergency when the call is placed from a business phone number. Noncompliance with the law could lead to a fine of up to $10,000 and additional penalties of up to $500 per day of noncompliance.

In order to be compliant, what does Kari’s Law require?

Callers Must Be Able to Dial 911 Without the Need to Enter Any Prefix or Postfix Digits

This requirement is fulfilled via specific features on your telephone system. If your system has these features, TeleCom Business Solutions will configure your system to ensure that regardless of whether your employees need to dial a prefix when calling outside the organization, calls to 911 will still go through without any additions required.

Phone System Must Automatically Send Notifications of the 911 Caller Location to Designated Personnel

When first responders arrive at your business, you need to be able to direct them to the emergency location. A modern phone system typically achieves this with a display message on designated display telephone terminals (such as a front desk attendant), as well as an optional ringing alert tone. As soon as someone calls 911, the front desk attendant (and any other designated display telephones) will see a message that informs them exactly which extension is making the emergency call. This will make it easy for the front desk personnel to direct the first responders where they need to go.

The Good News…

Most modern phone system can accommodate all the new requirements and bring you into compliance with these new laws! TeleCom Business Solutions can review your current system and determine what configuration changes need to take place to be compliant with the law.

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