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Now that voice and data services can be hosted on the Internet, it seems logical that any telecom service available via the Internet should be fine to handle voice communications for your business. Many of these online providers appear to be low cost, with systems that are fairly easy to self-install.

The problem with choosing any provider of a hosted PBX service is how important your voice communications are to the operation of your business. If you choose a provider located halfway across the country or across the world, it’s not physically possible for that vendor to handle many of the technical issues that might affect your service.

Local providers, on the other hand, can bring your business many advantages not available from strictly online providers. These include the following:

Work with a professional team that knows your business and its specific needs.

When you choose a local hosted PBX provider — such as one that is a member of The Ideacom Network — you gain a team of certified engineers and project managers who can visit your business location(s) and develop a comprehensive communications strategy that maximizes your capabilities while delivering real cost savings.

Your locally hosted PBX service provider can do everything the online providers cannot — specialized communications hardware such as interfacing into existing paging systems, cabling and wiring infrastructure, the initial software programming and activation, plus ongoing telecom support and consultation. You get a voice and data communication system that fully supports your operation and leaves you free to focus on running your business.

Your strategic plan not only provides the services your business needs now, but it would be designed to make it easier and more cost-effective for your telecom system to grow as your business grows.

Get on-site installation that overcomes bandwidth limitations.

Unlike strictly Internet-based providers, your local team can make sure all your systems, routers, cabling, electrical and other physical infrastructure support your telecom needs and optimize your data-center environment. Eliminate the do it yourself, plug and pray install.

Get fast, professional support 24/7.

If any or all of your systems go down, your local team of technicians can come to your site, if necessary, to get your business communications up and running again quickly and cost-effectively. Most local hosted solutions include service as part of monthly fees. This allows you to focus on what you do best instead of wasting valuable time trying to be the office telephone technician.

Maximize your opportunities.

Online service providers rarely offer the scope of features and capabilities available from a local Ideacom member provider. In an ever-connected world, your business telecom can include everything from desk and mobile phones, email, instant messaging and voicemail to presence information and audio, video and web conferencing. Regardless of the size of your business, your locally hosted telecom system can provide you with the most sophisticated services previously available only to the largest companies.

These capabilities help your operation run more efficiently, which helps you maximize revenue.

Telecommunication is essential in your business. It lets you and your employees communicate effectively with customers and provide high-quality customer service. It’s also a key to the efficiency of your operation. Your employees use telecommunications to collaborate from any location on any phone. Having the ability to route calls quickly enhances your entire operation and makes your company instantly global in capabilities.

The provider you choose for your telecommunications services is as essential to the success of your business as your employees. A local provider can be part of your team and pro-actively contribute to the success of your business.


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